Find The Best Portable Stage Risers And Deck For School Stages

A successful performance or concert requires good conditions. Set up a Portable stage for special school event or use it to build drum platforms during casual events. Portable stage risers and decks for rent provide a wide range of comprehensive solutions for mobile event setting.

Portable stages

Portable Stage Risers

Layered or choral risers are mostly used for elementary school music group shows and choral presentations, helping parents to see their kids among all of the others. Portable event stage risers are an alternative for additional seating during an assembly and can be attached with each other in a straight or arc shape. Stage risers normally have wheels for one person transporting and might have a handrail on both sides of the riser system.

Other Stage Accessories

While using the Nexgen Portable Stage for your school, there are several different accessories which are essential for the safety of children. Some of these are;

  • Guardrail attached to the back of the stage
  • Steps with a handrail.
  • Pleated stage cloths attach to the sides and front of the stage for more attractive look whereas covering the structure beneath the stage.
  • Background objects and the backdrop frame can add in matching colors to the skirting.
  • Storage caddies support in keeping the stage safer as it stored and can extend the life and appearance of the numerous types of stage pieces.

Nexgen Portable Stage

Portable Stage Platforms By

At you can find a large variety of portable stage equipment for event that are lightweight, strong and flexible which makes them convenient to move and assemble. Due to their mobile, fast and secure installation make your event successful. The strong 30 millimeter floor, made up of several layers for stage area that ensures maximum strength and low weight. Each stage platforms are made of strong aluminum with high strength.

Portable stage platforms helps you in choosing the right portable event stage for school according to your needs and budget! You’ll find lots of stage choices on their online catalog and their staging experts will help you in making more informed decision.

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