Contemporary Staircases For Interior Decoration of a House

Are you among those who appreciate the highest quality possible? Real craftsmanship that results in a beautiful home and a staircase that will last longer than your house? A staircase is of course necessary and indispensable between two floors. Of course. But it is also so much more! We see every day how the staircase is quite central in the interior, in the feeling you get from a home.

Contemporary Staircases

Stairs indoors between two floors of a condominium or a townhouse is for the most part as long as the house in general. Although there may be other reasons to replace an old indoor staircase or install a new one. You might want to decorate an attic or when changing the architecture inside. Of course you can build a new staircase, but in most cases you are buying a factory-built construction. These can be of the standard version or custom. They are easy to put together themselves, the parts usually come in prefabricated sections. For not very long ago, stair carpenter a distinct specialist., which in principle is appropriate, and then let the “customize” it.

How much does an indoor staircase?
For single-family homes are stairs inside of such woods as pine, beech, ash, birch and oak common, but the designs in metal and concrete are also used. Not least the wood partridge strengths can vary greatly in price, which of course is critical to the choice of materials. A staircase in such oak can be twice as expensive as in pine. What an indoor staircase costs is entirely dependent on the type of staircase you choose, the variation possibilities for stairs are endless and there are stairs in most price ranges. Which type of indoor staircase you choose depends on several factors. The available space is of course most important, but consideration must also be given to those who are most going to use the stairs and how often it occurs. Not least, it is important that the steps fit into the surrounding environment and atmosphere, and is adapted to suit personal tastes and wallet.

Important dimensions for indoor stairs:
For a staircase should be comfortable and safe to go in must step width and step height to stand in a certain relation to each other. Some other measurements are of great importance. Thus, an internal staircase connecting the two floors of reasonably equivalent to at least 90 centimeters wide. The stairs to the basement and attic, one can accept 80 centimeters wide. The riser height, ie the distance between two risers, should be 17-20 centimeters. No stairs should have more than 18 steps without being broken up by landings. Staircase company is here for you at every step! They take spiral staircase and staircases design and production to new heights. Visit for more designs.