Succeeding in fantasy football games takes a pretty amount of both skill and luck. While no one can control the luck involved (breakout seasons, injuries, etc.), those preparing for a season can do their homework ahead of time to try and form the best possible team. Here’s a look at a few tips to remember before every fantasy football pools game draft.

Sounds simple enough, right? What may seem silly to some is pretty essential in this day and age. Fantasy football league games now allow so much customization that many can fall into the trap of not knowing the unique scoring methods or matchups.


Use The Previous Season As A Starting Guide Only

Each season brings a ton of changes in the NFL. Other than a few of the megastars, there are always new players emerging as stars, while former stars fall into obscurity. If a player had a breakout season the year before, do not automatically assume the same will happen this season.

Running backs are the trickiest to pick in this situation. Injuries and loss of effectiveness can creep up on a featured back rather quickly.

The quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers in the NFL are where the fantasy football points are. Except for rare circumstances, the first few rounds should be focused on filling those positions.

Taking a defense or kicker early can kill a quality draft because they are pretty replaceable throughout the season. Tight ends are the biggest wild card. A few elite ones are worthy of a higher pick, but for the most part, stay with the big three positions until at least all of your starting positions are filled.

Understand Your League

Most people play fantasy football with friends and family members whom they know in real life. Just about every NFL fan has their favorite team, along with favorite players.

Fantasy owners can use this as leverage to field a better team. For example, if you have a huge Giants fan in your league who loves Eli Manning, you can either draft him to use as trade bait later or have a better quarterback fall to you in the draft because he overvalues him.