What Type Of Kontrola Dostępu To Choose?

Control level, the design of the space to be monitored, directional, evacuation in case of emergency, pre-installation or number and model of adequate control equipment. When deciding what type of Kontrola dostępu to choose, we must take into account several factors that will indicate the best solution to your needs.

Level Of Control

An access control aims to limit the percentage of fraud to the maximum. That percentage of fraud is directly related to the requirement of the selected control. Control with sensors and alarms of improper passage, associated cameras and control one to one, will be more demanding than another one in which we only have a reader that realizes a door opening (habitual in access to communities) without any type of vigilance.

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These Are The Main Factors To Choose Kontrola Dostępu:

One-On-One Step Control: equipment such as turnstiles windlasses or cages allow this type of control. In this way, we reduce the possibility of several steps with a single opening.

Sound Alarms: they will be activated whenever we want to surpass a computer without a correct reading and with permissions.

Manual Or Autonomous: The activation of the step can be done using a manual push button or card control terminal, fingerprint, etc.

Surveillance: You will achieve greater efficiency if access control is monitored, either by a person (reception or security guard) or by video surveillance.

Technology: Among the technologies available there are some safer than others. Nowadays it is relatively easy to clone magnetic stripe or bar code cards, so that proximity or biometrics technologies, whether a finger, vascular or facial, are becoming more common.

It is important to find the balance between control and speed of passage, since the greater control, as a rule, also implies more time per person at each step.

Design Of The Space To Be Controlled

How many open roads are there to access the area to be controlled? It is common to find rooms or rooms with a good access control at the main entrance, but with other access routes, which although secondary, allow the user free access. Another case is that of a poorly efficient main access control because it is not covered in its entirety. It is very important to delimit all the access zones and to have some type each one of them.


When we want to perform access control with lathes, we can only control the inputs or also with the outputs. In the first case, we will have the total number of accesses, for example in the case of tickets to pre-stadiums, concerts or sporting events. In the second we will also get the capacity in real time, essential in cases of limited areas such as dance halls, swimming pools or other enclosed spaces where the current regulations limit it.

Evacuation In Case Of Emergency

When you have a room full of people is essential to ensure evacuation in case of emergency. For this purpose, the enclosure must have an evacuation plan approved by police or firefighters, indicating exit routes and emergency doors. In the case where the access control is in one of those ways, it will be mandatory to equip with a system of arm drops and unlocking ports and doors, either connected to the push-button console or directly to alarm. As a general rule, access control equipment is designed to be released in the event of power failure, the most common method for unlocking.


It is usually the case in which the works have already been completed, and the necessary cabling for the access control equipment has not been taken into account. Making a small preliminary study of the pre-installation saves time and money, avoiding to break new floors, walls or ceilings to make regales, or what is worse even aesthetically speaking, having to resort to surface piping. Normally the necessary wiring is similar to any modern equipment: 220V power cable, UTP cable for network or cable for RS485 communication, and as many pairs as manual push buttons we need. Additionally, if we are going to control an electronic lock on a door, two wires up to that locks to be able to operate it from the chosen terminal.

Number And Model Of Appropriate Control Equipment

The number and model of equipment or levels of control and safety required may be very different in each situation. As we have discussed before, we must find the balance between control, safety and speed of passage. Analyzing each case is essential so that the investment corresponds adequately with the needs.

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How To Print Text Messages Of Your Microsoft Lumia?

Text messages as an alternative method for voice calls have already become an essential part of communication, which helps you keep unforgettable memories of your life. However, the Smart Phone’s memory can not contain as many SMS as you want to keep good. So most smartphone users want print SMS text messages. Of those options, it’s texting which gives you the most effective and cost-effective means to receive your message across. The only means you won’t have the ability to observe those messages is if they’ve been erased. Now you are aware of how to retrieve deleted text messages utilizing a few different approaches.


First the good news: it is possible to print SMS text messages on your smartphone. You can find apps that allow printing of text messages, in the free version. Depending on how many texts you must print, these limits may not matter.

You have many alternatives, for instance, you can print from the PC. There are many ways to print SMS text messages, depending on the model and year of the phone. Most phones, more options become limited. You can forward the message as e-mail, access the message via a SIM card reader or take a screen capture of the SMS and send it to a Wi-Fi enabled printer.

If you want to print SMS, in fact, the simplest solution is to take a screenshot on your smartphone and print using a normal printer or send text messages to your email account and print them in e -mail. However, these methods usually are not well suited for printing in a large number of smartphones SMS.

Essential Tip: How to transfer iPhone text messages to PC

Therefore, the following method in this post to help you easily print from SmartPhone text messages, regardless of the number of messages you want to print. Furthermore, you can print SMS from any IOS device.

Tools for print iPhone text messages                       

SMS Reader – SMS Reader For PC is among the most well-known programs to synchronize the phone using your PC. You will that regardless of what type of application you require; you’ll find a template to create it online. As long as you’ve got a good idea of what kind of application form you are in need of a template for it can readily be found online a professional smartphone content manager. Using this type of tool, you can easily export the text to PDF, HTML and text on the computer with the created date and contact numbers to easily print from Android SMS text messages. Smartphone and USB cable.

How to print SMS on MICROSOFT LUMIA?

First of all, it’s important to transfer the necessary SMS text messages from Microsoft Lumia to an SMS.vmsg file to a Micro SD card using Ms. Windows Mobile phone OS’s normal inserted application Transfer My Data or download and install free Microsoft app.

Step 1:  connect your smartphone to the computer with a USB cable and SMS.vmsg file on your smartphone’s SD card.

Step 2: Preview and choose the SMS you need to export.To select them all, you can check the box next to the name “Messages” at the top of the message list.

Step 3:  Open the exported file to your computer. The procedure is quite easy. The entire process is really easy and convenient. The entire scanning procedure is going to be finished within seconds.

Now, you can print your SMS text messages using a PRINT SMS control key; you can also search or select some text messages and print them also`.


As you see, it’s too convenient to export text messages to the computer and print them.


SMS easy Reader & Printer

The app is completely free and easy to use. This app makes it simply that you configure the web page orientation, paper size, together with print color and resolution. This app lets you backup this app lets you backup. This app makes it possible for you to backup. This app permits you to download from your Wi-Fi connection together with from the online cell connection.

You can find this application of the net and download it. SMS easy Reader&Printer Application is a remedy to this issue. If your application has a broad selection of features, the good idea is that you avail it at no cost in the marketplace.

Download SMS easy Exporter free app for MICROSOFT LUMIA.

Check out Free App for Sms-Vmsg.org


Improve Your Company’s Performance By Choosing A Good Boekhoudprogramma

Choosing the perfect boekhoudprogramma (financial software) for your business can be quite a tedious and time-consuming task. However, if you manage to find the perfect finance system, you can enhance the performance of your business by leaps and bounds.

The underlying purpose of a boekhoudprogramma is to make your task easier, but it can also become a source of huge expenses and frustration. The financial software will help you improve efficiency, analyze sales and manage cash flows. On the other hand, if you end up choosing wrong financial software, all your financial data might go for a toss, thus hampering your efficiency as well as productivity. Therefore, to avoid such adverse conditions, choosing the right system is important.


Every business, whether big or small, has several financial and accounting needs that have to be taken care of on a daily basis. There are two ways in which these financial transactions can be handled; manually or through computerized systems. Although the manual practices have been in existence for ages, these are now being replaced by the computerized finance software.

Choosing and developing a proper finance system will ensure that all transactions are correctly recorded, and all the financial activities are taken care of in a timely manner. This will help in improving the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Financial software offers several advantages over the manual system and can contribute to boost your business performance by promoting fast and efficient data processing. Most of the financial software programs have an in-built feature of automatic report generation. Once the accounts have been set up, and the data has been entered into respective modules, the financial software will enable you to generate and print related reports, forms, and invoices.

facturatie software

The robust finance system provides you with the ease of working across timelines and accessing financial information such as invoices and client orders from the accounting history as and when required. It reduces errors that may result due to manual processing of massive amounts of data. You can achieve a smooth process of record keeping, balancing, and reconciliation with the help of effective finance software.

In case you are required to undergo an accounting audit, having boekhoudprogramma in place, will help you simplify the process. You can easily access and gather all the relevant documents such as tax statements, which are required by the auditor. In case you are spontaneously asked to produce a particular document, the financial software will allow you to perform a quick search and find it.

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Hence, ranging from the simplest activities like entering data to safeguarding your business from the risks of embezzlement, boekhoudprogramma performs all the functions with a high level of accuracy and effectiveness. A good and secure finance system is a must have if you want to increase the productivity of your business.

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